Walnut Media Blasting / Carbon Cleaning for all BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes, Skoda, Seat & Mini vehicles

Is your car suffering from Carbon Build Up?

This fault can be very subtle and undetected for long periods of time until the carbon build up reaches a point of noticeable effect.

Mostly commonly they can cause hesitation within the engine’s performance due to the disrupted flow of air entering the combustion chamber causing hot spots.

Other symptoms can be:

  • Oxygen sensor failure, due to fouling
  • Black smoke from Exhaust
  • Rough idle / hesitation in rev range
  • Cylinder misfire
  • Decreased engine performance

Our Carbon Cleaning Procedure

Carbon deposits are a by-product of the combustion of an engine. This builds up and like to collect around the cylinder walls, injectors and the intake valves. Modern engines are more susceptible to this issue as they have direct injection.

Modern engines have moved onto direct injection due to its high efficiency, lower emissions and higher performance output. Indirect injection due to the delivery of fuel before combustion chamber the fuel is combined with the air to clean the back of the valve thus not having the issue of carbon build up.


Currently we only offer this service to the brands we specialise in.

  • BMW
  • MINI
  • AUDI
  • VW
  • SEAT

4 Cylinder 2.0l & below
Petrol or Diesel
£360–£510 inc VAT

6 Cylinder (Non V)
Petrol or Diesel
£400-£540 inc VAT

Prices include the replacement of seals/gaskets removed to carry out this service.

Your engine may not be listed due to large difference in labour to remove your inlet manifold

If your engine is not listed within these defines or your not sure contact us for advice and a quote…

What are Carbon Deposits?

Our Carbon Cleaning Procedure
Once we have removed inlet manifold to gain access to the inlet valves, we ensure the vehicle is timed correctly on each cylinder so that the inlet valves are completely closed. We then use our walnut media blasting device.

• Direct injection, fuel is delivered directly into the combustion chamber

• Indirect injection, fuel is delivered before the combustion chamber

Using a special adaption to fit the inlet valve chamber, walnut media is then pressurized into the chamber, this allows the media to remove the carbon deposits in and around the inlet valves. Connected to this pressurized walnut media blaster is also a vacuum so that the walnut media doesn’t fill up the inlet chamber..