The cambelt, also commonly known as a timing belt, is one of the most important parts of your engine.

Most VAG Engines have cambelt replacement 
intervals every 5 years.

(dependent on engine type)

Remember this service is not included in your normal car service.

To find out if your car has a cambelt your Service Book or Digital History should state the correct details or why not give us a call and we can check for you.

Timing Belt Specialists for VAG Cars – Altrincham Autotecnic

Timing Belt Replacement for VAG Cars

It’s a rubber belt that keeps the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft synchronised. By doing this it makes sure your engine’s valves open and close correctly. When it comes to car maintenance, the all-important Timing Belt/Cambelt replacement is without doubt the most crucial serviceable components of your car’s engine.

The timing belt / cambelt has an incredibly important job, if left unchanged and it breaks, it can cause catastrophic damage to the internal components of your engine.

Additionally, most VAG group engines have Water Pumps that are driven via the timing belt/cambelt. It’s prudent and cost effective to replace the water pump during the extensive work of replacing the timing belt/cambelt.

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